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Kickboxing for Fitness
Get ready to be in the best condition of your life!

Your core is slim and lean. Your legs are chiseled and shapely. You’ve lost 13 lbs just this month alone.

At Round Rock Martial Arts we hear it every day. Our students want to lose weight and gain definition and muscle tone. They want to a fitness program that offers more then aerobics, teaches self-defense, but prefer to avoid belts, sparring, and uniforms. So they find us.

They take one class…then two. One after the other, their bodies beging to noticeably transform. Your core begins to harden and fat will melt away. Arms grow slimmer and sculpted. Energy levels skyrocket - they take two steps at a time and don’t feel a thing.

Our students get flexible, healthy and fit.

Our kickboxing classes burn over 800 calories per hour. Aside from running (and who needs the harmful impact on their joints?), no other fitness program sheds weight faster, easier and more effectively. No other fitness program works the body so thoroughly—and yet with such gentle impact on your bones and joints.

With our PMA kickboxing fitness classes, you also learn self-defense skills, (something you can’t do on a treadmill in a gym or your livingroom). You will learn to:

  • Punch a heavy bag like you mean it.
  • Jump rope with grace and speed.
  • Land a kick higher than you thought possible.
  • Strike a speed bag faster than the eye can see.

 If this sounds amazing to you, then you’ve already got the spirit of a true kickboxer. Wait until you get to class, and feel your body come alive with a boost of energy. You’ll find out that Kickboxing Fitness is as vigorous as it is rewarding. You’ll have fun, boost your self-confidence, and emerge with the rippled, beautiful body of a kickboxer - All without ever getting hit!

You have a new body, and it’s ready for anything. Call 512-745-5551 to schedule your first class, and get ready to be in the best condition of your life!

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